Embracing our community

Committed to retaining character and enhancing locality, we are dedicated to positively shaping the community by investing, building, maintaining and renewing the places where you work, live and play.

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Working together

As a proud member of our community, we are regularly invited to collaborate and support a range of local initiatives. Should you have a project that you think we could be part of, please contact us today.






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Our community vision

A truly local property company, we constantly strive to create new, sustainable developments that enrich our community.
This is fundamental to our bigger vision, to create places where people can grow, thrive and make lasting memories. We support vibrant, diverse, and inclusive communities that foster a sense of belonging. Drawing on our heritage and looking forward to a bright future together.

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Committed to our district

As a profit for purpose developer, our commitment goes beyond the homes that we build. We embrace partnership working to develop effective, productive relationships with community groups and stakeholders. We are driven by the needs and desires of our district and how together we can create lasting opportunities. That’s why we’ve reinvested millions of pounds back into our district; its people, its economy, its environment, and most importantly, its continued prosperity.

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Passionate about our futures

Our team are passionate about our mission, the future of our district and all those that are part of it. Using our individual skills and expertise, we strive to ensure that we are at the forefront of innovation. We are leading the way in promoting the benefits and possibilities created through successful local Council and private partnerships. It is through cultivating these ongoing relationships that we strive to do more, to do better and always to do the right thing.

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