Customer service promise

At Qualis Homes we are passionate about doing the right thing and are dedicated to ensuring that each of our customers receives a personal, quality service. So, you can rely on us for all the support and guidance you need throughout your home-buying journey.


Why buy with us?

Our Customer Charter

We understand the personal commitment involved in making your move and strive to make buying, moving into and living in your new home as seamless as possible.

Both our Customer Charter and Customer Journey have been designed to deliver the best possible experience for you, our customer, from your very first contact with us, all the way through to our dedicated aftersales service.

We care about our customers and look forward to being part of your new home journey.

We comply by the principles set by the Build-Zone Code of Conduct for Home Builders. A copy will be provided in your Customer Manual or can be accessed through their website.


Provide friendly and professional advice when helping you choose your new home. Giving you the detailed information and options you need to make an informed decision.

Ensure our staff are well trained, with the knowledge to help guide you through your customer journey.

Strive to ensure that our advertising and marketing material is clear and truthful.

Provide Health and Safety guidance before visiting, or moving into, sites with ongoing construction.

Communicate with you in a clear and consistent manner throughout your journey, so you know what to expect, and when.

Provide you with a Qualis Homes Customer Manual, which is full of essential information to help guide you along your customer journey.

Invite you, or your suitably qualified representative to a Pre-Completion check, if requested.

Take you through your home demonstration shortly before you move in. This is where we show you all the features of your new home and how they work.

Explain the Qualis Homes 2-year Warranty, including 24-hour emergency assistance cover, and the Build-Zone 10 year warranty.

Provide information about our aftersales service, including how to contact us and the service we offer for routine issues and any emergencies that may arise.

Ensure our contractual terms and conditions are clear and fair, including information about refund and cancellation policies.

Listen to your customer feedback and value all suggestions.

Tell you about our policy for managing potential complaints, which we strive to resolve as quickly as possible.

Always treat you with the respect you deserve and ask that you show our colleagues and partners the same courtesy.

Download our Customer Charter
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